Tuition & Memberships

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Tuition & Membership

Flex Gymnastics offers a year-round fun, fitness program for gymnastics instruction!

See our Schedule of Classes for a listing of each class with it's monthly tuition fee.

Tuition payments are auto-billed monthly for your time-saving convenience.

Membership at Flex Gymnastics is auto-renewed annually on August 1st.

A $45 FULL MEMBERSHIP* provides one year of insurance for participation in all gym activities: classes, teams, open gyms, camps, private lessons and special events.

Tuition may be suspended or cancelled at any time in writing, on or before the 19th of each month.

Memberships may be cancelled in writing, on or before July 19th each year.

Tuition and Memberships are non-refundable.

*Memberships are prorated for the remainder of the membership year through July 31st of each year.

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