Parent & Tot Partner Classes

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Parent & Tot Partner Classes

Gymnastics is a great first sport for tots!

Gymnastics is a sport that your child can learn and love as soon as they are on the go! Jumping, swinging, rolling, running, tumbling and climbing are activites that your child can excel in ... just by being a growing, developing kid!  Gymnastics develops age-appropriate developmental skills like: walking, running, skipping, climbing, inversion, balance, sequencing, coordination, socializing, sharing, and so many more!

Being a parent partner is an important part of demonstrating to your tot that fitness is fun! Learn to play and learn to teach your child to safely love fitness fun and learn to explore movement!

So partner up with your tot for this fun filled program!

Our Parent & Tot Partner classes are offered to our youngest, energetic tots and a parent partner!

This program is designed for ages 15-40 months, but if your tot is up, walking, crawling, hopping, and ready to move, they are welcome to join us with an adult partner!

Come explore all the gymnastics events using tot sized equipment: floor level balance beams, pint-sized bars, floor level parallel bars, lots of obstacle course tunnel crawling and climbing, TumblTrak & more!

Parent partners participate in learning how to provide tots a safe exploration of the equipment and instruction of the basic movement skills on all the events.

** $45.00 annual Flex Gymnastics membership is required for class participation

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