Preschool Gymnastics

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PreSchool Classes

Children need to exercise their brains as well as their bodies! PreSchool gymnastics classes give your child opportunities to develop strength, flexibility, and balance as well as perseverance, discipline, socialization, and confidence.

Preschool gymnastics offers your child success skills for academics in a fun, active, socially engaging, tumbling, jumping, swinging and climbing environment!

Preschool gymnastics classes build confidence, character, and core skills like colors, counting, and coordination.  Gymnastics builds gross motor skills for success at big playground activities like games and monkey bars in addition to fine motor skills for using scissors, pencils, art materials and keyboards in the classroom.

Come explore all the gymnastics events using tot sized equipment: mini springboards, floor level balance beams, pint-sized bars and parallel bars, a mini ring tower, floor exercise, TumblTrak & more!

Preschool gymnastics classes are 50 minutes each and are offered in morning, afternoon, evening and Saturdays.

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