Girls Competitive Teams

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Girls Competitive Teams

Flex Gymnastics offers competitive opportunities to girls using the USA Gymnastics Developmental Program (DP) curriculum and the USA Gymnastics XCEL curriculum!

Both nationally recognized programs offer excellent opportunities for girls ages 5+ to enjoy and the competitive sport of gymnastics! The unique attributes of these two programs allow us to meet the needs of girls who desire to pursue and enjoy a competitive team experience.

Girls Team History

Our Girls competitive team began in 1999 with just three level 5's in the first season! Now, the Flex Gymnastics team  spans from Team Prep Programs (Hot Shots, SuperStars, SeniorStars & Pre-Teams) to USA Gymnastics Developmental Program Levels 2-9 and  XCEL Bronze - Platinum+ competitive programs!

The Flex Gymnastics team is special in that once you are part of the team, you are part of our family.

Many of our team girls have matured into exceptional young ladies that share our love for this sport. Their leadership skills and years of gymnastics skills allow them to continue with us as coaches for our next generation or young gymnasts!

The gymnasts at Flex Gymnastics are not just learning gymnastics, they are having fun and making great friendships that will last a lifetime!

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